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High Sky foster family moves nearly 60 children later

Photo: Tim Fischer/Midland Reporter-Telegram

It was only three years into Amy and Jim Riser’s marriage when they became foster parents to a 5-year-old boy named Joey; they were 27 and 34 and unable to have children. But soon after Joey’s arrival, they learned he was a good-luck charm. The Risers, who were living in Houston, had a son named Jacob, and two years later, had a daughter named Rachel.

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Jim and Amy Riser

Jim and Amy Riser have been fostering since 1995. They received licensing prior to having two children of their own. Over the years, we have seen their hearts and home grow. With 20 years of fostering, 90 children are now part of their story. Amy is a stay at home mom at the Carter home on the High Sky campus. Jim works as the Head Athletic Trainer at Permian High School.

When asked what about their most memorable moments, Jim spoke about the very first foster child that they had. The child contacted them when he was graduating high school. He shared his accomplishments since leaving their home at age 5. They were thrilled to hear of his positive moments, and his new forever home. Amy mentioned how much she is impacted by the difficult placements that turn into successful ones. She enjoys maintaining contact with children that have previously lived with them.

This year, Amy and Jim were honored with the Rainbow Award at High Sky’s Annual Crystal Ball.

We asked the Risers if they had any advice or words of wisdom for new or potential foster parents, to which they responded:

“Don’t overthink parenting. Don’t expect things to always go as planned, be flexible. Laugh often and don’t be afraid to cry. Many times, we get into foster care with the thought of what we can do for the children without even realizing the blessings the children will be to us.”

When asked about their free time with the kids they shared:

“We love to take our children to museums and zoos. We love traveling with our kiddos, which has led us from California to the Carolinas, mountains to the beaches and all points in between. We love the movies, fishing, eating out and weekend excursions all over West Texas.”

When asked how foster care has affected their biological children they said:

“Having grown up with multiple “bonus” brothers and sisters has made our children more loving and understanding towards others. As young adults, both continue to play a meaningful role in the lives of children in our home.”

High Sky is so grateful to have Jim and Amy as part of our family. The children and staff are better because of them.