High Sky Children’s Ranch Boys’ Teen Home offers long-term placement for boys aged 13-17 who are experiencing foster care. This program provides a home-like environment with 24-hour caregivers. The caregivers are trained in trauma-informed care practices and behavioral interventions to best support the individual needs of each youth in the home.

The Teen Home aims to provide a nurturing and stable environment that allows the youth to have normal teenage experiences, such as participating in extracurricular activities and school activities, outings with friends, vacations, holidays, cultural and religious traditions. We seek to increase independence by teaching life skills, such as laundry, meal preparation, budgeting, and more. Youth have the ability to secure employment if they desire.

While at High Sky, each youth is assigned a Case Manager who oversees their medical, behavioral, and mental healthcare needs. They also work closely with the schools to ensure academic needs are being supported.

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